Firekeepers Casino in Michigan

Firefighters Casino in Michigan is one of the finest and most reputable establishments in the state for providing a safe and fun environment for guests to play at. Located in downtown Sterling Heights, Firefighters Casino offers all the excitement that a casino can offer to guests.

In Firekeepers Casino you will find four gaming tables. You can also find a separate bar on the second floor and lounge areas located in each of the four gaming tables. This establishment offers great entertainment and games for everyone to enjoy. There are also video games for those who would like to indulge their sense of adventure and fun.

If you wish to play your favorite game of poker at the casino, you can do so at any of the gaming tables. There are two types of poker, Texas Holdem and Omaha. Poker is available for players of every skill level at Firekeepers Casino in Michigan.

There are a variety of poker games available for players of every age and skill level. For the more experienced players, the game room will feature special tournaments to help players learn the finer points of the game. The tournaments will also provide the opportunity for novice players to learn how to play poker by playing against the pros.

Firekeepers Casino also features many of the same promotions and specials that other casinos offer. One of the promotions that is being offered is the ‘One Night at the Strip’. If you plan to go to this casino, you will have a chance to play in one of its nightly tournaments and to win a big prize.

Firekeepers Casino is a family oriented establishment and you will always see children playing at various locations throughout the casino. Many of these children are of the younger age group and are allowed to play in the casino even though they are too young to be fully seated in the casino gaming tables. Other family friendly activities include the Firekeepers Fireball Show, the Firekeepers Glow Show, the Firekeepers Rock Show and the Firekeepers Water Show. These shows are available for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Firekeepers Casino is also known for hosting many charity events and fundraisers. These events benefit different non-profit organizations as well as the needy. The Firekeepers Casino raises money in many different ways and some of the major ones include sponsoring cancer research, AIDS awareness and helping children in need.

Firekeepers Casino is also proud to sponsor several charity events such as the Annual Firekeepers Auction, the Firekeepers Blues Night and the Firekeepers Country Club Charity Event. All of these events raise a significant amount of money for these charitable organizations. There are also charity golf tournaments held during the year to help raise funds as well.

Firekeepers Casino in Michigan is a great place to visit whether you are from out of town or are just visiting. Firekeepers Casino in Michigan is open to all and welcomes visitors from all walks of life. Whether you are in search of a casino to gamble, win prizes or just to visit and enjoy, there are many activities to choose from.