Firekeepers Casino and Hotel Workers

We have all heard of the danger posed by fire, but what exactly is timekeepers? An electrical fireman who handles serious smoke and fire dangers at casinos and hotels. Now, some of you may think that sounds like a funny job to have, but it’s not, it’s a very serious occupation and an extremely dangerous one at that.

firekeepers casino and hotel

Since so many people love to gamble, you may ask yourself “Why would a fireman need to be employed at a casino or hotel?” Well, there are a lot of reasons that make firekeepers needed in such businesses.

Firstly, their primary job is to deal with fires in the most effective way possible, and also prevent these fires from getting started in the first place. Although it’s impossible to prevent all fires, and in some cases it’s impossible to save lives from those which occur due to faulty wiring or other causes, firemen can definitely save the lives of the staff and guests of a casino or hotel, by preventing the situation from getting out of hand.

Secondly, they are also responsible for protecting the lives of the fireman’s life itself. Unfortunately, these two jobs don’t really go hand in hand. This is why you’ll often see firemen taking on the task of being firekeepers instead.

For a fireman’s safety, he will be wearing a full-body suit, a rubber fire helmet and special breathing apparatus. These two are important, but his other items, like a fire extinguisher, a fire hose, and even a fire brigade alarm system, are usually kept in his vehicle. Since he’ll be traveling to many different locations, these things will be located in various places as well.

They usually carry around two special equipment; one is a hose reel, which allows them to quickly get water to the location of a fire that’s burning in the middle of the casino or hotel. The other is a fire extinguisher, which you can get from a fire crew supply van if you’re lucky enough to get one. Usually, they will have a buddy that they can call in case they run into any trouble.

The fireman’s job isn’t just confined to trying to put out fires. In fact, they are actually required to ensure that each and every area in a casino or hotel has sufficient electricity to run its equipments and machines. A fire is one of the worst things that can happen in a casino or hotel, and it’s absolutely vital that they do their best to make sure this never happens.

Firemen will also inspect the areas where they will set up the fire alarms and will give the device’s proper maintenance, in order to ensure that they stay working. This means that the casino or hotel doesn’t have to pay extra for having these fire alarm equipment installed in its premises.